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The authenticity of the photo archives arises considerably as a result of the conditions of the photograph situation.

Expedition-similar conditions make photographing more difficult to the border of the technical and humanly possible. They lend however reliability to the photographs and record the dynamics of the instant.


The total extent of the archived pictorial material amounts to over 3000 photos.

In order to ensure an approximate overview of the contents of the different categories the archives are divided into, the database contains the representative images of each category. If you do not find the image you wish it is possible to give an description of it according to the definitions of the categories. Receiving these descriptions should we be able to make an additional selection of photos available, either by email or as a download.

The one- or two digit final number of the photo number explains that from this motive several photographs of the respective situation are present.

The ending MF means that the picture is a medium format (6x7) picture.


The film material exclusively consists of 35 mm or medium format (6x7) slides. We supply data or originals.
We supply the image files in the RGB mode JPG or TIFF format. The HighRes files achieve a maximum size of 180 MB.

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